Friday, March 7, 2014

Mardi Gras themed Cigarette Girls and Stilt Walker

Classic Cigarette Girls can carry just about anything in their trays - in this case they were passing out beads to guests as they headed out of the ballroom to a well deserved happy hour after a long day of classes.

The ballroom was quiet and everyone was focused on the speaker, when the room went dark, a spotlight came on in the back of the room to introduce some Mardi Gras themed entertainment. Our stilt walker and dancers paraded down the aisle leading a special guest to the stage.

From there the guest's headed out with giant smiles on their faces and beads around their necks.

BTW, this all came together within 24 hours - it was a last minute idea they had and we helped bring to life! The client was beyond happy!

San Diego

Los Angeles