Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vintage Hollywood Cigarette Girls

Hollywood Cigarette Girls / Candy Girls

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Our vintage inspired cigarette girls will add some extra glamour to your Old Hollywood Red Carpet themed event.

They will charm your guest's while offering candy, cigarettes, cigars, appetizer's, drinks, dessert, or handing out swag. They have also been very successful at showing off auction items.

We design and create all of our costumes - we will never show up in store bought Halloween costumes! Everything you see on our web-site has been custom designed, created and is owned by us, we can also custom design a look for your event.

All of our "Dolls" are full-time entertainers and have won over our client's with their charm, beauty, and poise.

Our client's love the fact that we always have a staff member on-site. This is just one of the reasons they keep coming back and recommending us to their friends.

We have working with this client for over 10 years!

Vintage Hollywood Cigarette Girls and Strolling Tables
Los Angeles
(818) 823-4630

San Diego
(619) 341-3033

owned and operated by Vernon The Entertainer, Inc.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hollywood Dolls - Vintage Candy Cigarette Girls

Hollywood Dolls

Vintage Cigarette Girls

What would you like in the tray?

Candy, appetizers, drinks, desserts, cigars, ...

Our Dolls are all professional entertainers currently working as professional dancers, magician assistant's, actresses, character performers, and more.

We custom design and create all of our costumes.
We can create a special color or theme for your event.

Hollywood Dolls always add that special touch to any event.

Hollywood Cigarette Girls
Los Angeles (818) 823-4630
San Diego (619) 341-3033